Austin Divorce attorney on courtroom demeanor

When parents in an Austin child custody suit cannot agree on a schedule for their children, it’s up to the judge to make a decision.  Most cases involve good parents that simply don’t work well together and who have very different styles of parenting.  It can be difficult for the judge to choose which parent should have more time with the children when both have been actively involved. 

As an Austin Divorce lawyer, I’ve found that the parties’ courtroom demeanor (both on and off of the witness stand) can sometimes be the deciding factor.   Below is a list of do’s and don’ts for courtroom conduct:
  • Always be courteous to the other attorney, even if they are not showing the same level of respect
  • Answer each question directly and honestly
  • Always be respectful to the Judge, bailiff, and any other court staff


  • Give sarcastic answers
  • Give argumentative or evasive answers
  • Interrupt one of the attorneys or the judge when he or she is speaking
  • When you’re sitting with your attorney at counsel table, do not laugh, sigh, groan or give any other verbal or nonverbal signs of disapproval while another witness is testifying (even if they’re lying).  This is also true for friends and family members who are in the courtroom to support you.


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