Williamson County Courts have issued instructions clarifying how possession should take place during spring break and thereafter with regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19) cancellations and schedule changes:

“Spring Break Standard Possession Order

In an effort to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), local school districts have or are considering school closures after the spring break. Consequently, the Williamson County Courts have been receiving inquiries requesting guidance for parents whose children are due back after spring break.

The Standard Possession Schedule contained in most divorce and SAPCR orders is based on the school calendar. This means the possession schedule should be read in conjunction with the school calendar: where the child goes to school; or for the school district in which the child resides, if the child is not yet in school. In entering these orders, it was unforeseen that spring break for area schools might be extended because of a pandemic illness, such as COVID-19.

In situations like the present one, for purposes of interpretation of the order, the original school calendar determines the possession schedule. School closures, which may have the net effect of extending the spring break, should not be used by the visiting parent to extend his or her possession period with the child. The child is due back to the other parent at the time spring break ends according to the original school calendar.”

Sending a Court-Specific Link to an Opposing Party

Want the court-specific link but don’t remember who your judge was? Find out which Williamson County court your case is in here: https://judicialrecords.wilco.org/PublicAccess/Search.aspx?ID=200

Judge Doug Arnold, County Court at Law Three: https://www.wilco.org/courtatlaw3

Judge John B. McMaster, County Court at Law Four: https://www.wilco.org/ccl4

368th District Court Judge Rick J. Kennon: https://www.wilco.org/Elected-Officials/District-Courts/368th-District-Court

395th District Court Judge Ryan D. Larson: https://www.wilco.org/Elected-Officials/District-Courts/395th-District-Court

425th District Court Judge Betsy Lambeth: https://www.wilco.org/Elected-Officials/District-Courts/425th-District-Court