Williamson County divorce tip
The conversations that you have with your attorney are protected by the attorney-client privilege.  This means that what you tell your attorney is confidential and he or she cannot divulge the privileged information (there are a few exceptions to this, the most significant being an attorney’s duty to report child abuse).  The confidentiality rules are designed to enable the attorney to offer the best representation possible.
In family law cases, your attorney needs to know the full story to help him or her offer you the best advice.  Withholding information because it is embarrassing or because you hope no one will find out can harm your case and impede your attorney’s ability to properly advise you.  If you are uncomfortable sharing personal information or are worried your attorney may think badly of you, remember that family law attorneys commonly deal with cases involving abuse, mental disorders and drug and alcohol problems, so it is unlikely that you will surprise your attorney with whatever issues might exist in your case.  Regardless, it is far better to surprise your attorney in a private conversation than have your attorney be surprised in Court after you have spent thousands in legal fees.
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