Williamson County divorce costs
Below are some tips from a Williamson County Divorce Attorney to help you reduce the cost of your divorce:
Be Organized – Divorces often involve the exchange of stacks of bank statements, credit card statements, school records and the like.  When your attorney receives a request for these documents from the other attorney, he will have to review them first and make sure that nothing is missing and that nothing that shouldn’t be included has been accidentally provided.  If your documents are complete, properly categorized and in chronological order, you can save your attorney hours of work.
Be Responsive – It’s important for your attorney to respond quickly to your inquiries and questions; the same is true for the client.  Your attorney has certain deadlines to meet in your case and procedures that must be followed.  If you are unresponsive – such as not providing requested documents by the deadline your attorney gives to you – you can cost yourself thousands of dollars in unnecessary hearings set by the other side to compel your cooperation.
Don’t Play Games with the Other Party – If you play games with your spouse, you will cost yourself more money.  For example, if you send hateful or abusive emails, your attorney will probably hear from the other side, even if their client was guilty of it too.  That means both attorneys are billing at their hourly rate and depleting community resources all because the clients were not mature enough to be civil with one another.  There are other common examples: cancelling credit cards, toll tags or utilities without telling the other party will result in an angry phone call or even a hearing.  When the attorneys are occupied arguing about issues like these, they are not able to work on the larger matters necessary to finish your case, and all the while it’s costing you money.
Not Everything Will Be Fair – Sometimes the attorney’s fees aren’t worth making sure that everything in your divorce is fair, particularly when the issue is relatively minor.  For example, if your spouse refuses to pay an expense that you think should be theirs, ask yourself whether you will pay your attorney even more to fight about it than if you simply covered the expense yourself; it is often better to let minor issues go if it means that you will save even more in attorney’s fees.


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